They will return

A driveway to the right of the road connecting Tolmin and Caporetto, between the villages of Dolje and Gabrje, leads to a small chapel commemorating the soldiers of the IV Alpine Regiment who died in the area between 1915 and 1916.
The "They will return" written in large letters on the pediment evokes the "Present" of Redipuglia. But as we know, war propaganda makes one smile a bit and weep a bit. Of course they won't come back, but it doesn't leave me indifferent to think that here, at the side of a small field with two cows grazing and in front of a valley now visited by sportsmen, fishermen and hunters of game and mushrooms, a little more than 100 years ago people were taking cannon shots at each other.
The chapel is well maintained, there must be a hundred names on the plaques displayed on three sides of the structure. My friend DuĊĦan tells me there is an Italian-Slovenian agreement so as not to forget.
If you're passing by, take a look