New pre-print

Pre-print of my last work is on biorxiv

Vital rates, source-sink dynamics, and type of competition in congeneric species

Simone Vincenzi, Dusan Jesensek, Alain J Crivelli


The estimation of vital rates and life-history traits and how they vary with habitat and population factors are central for our understanding of population dynamics, risk of extinction, and evolution of traits in natural populations. We used long-term tag-recapture data and novel statistical and modeling techniques to investigate how population and environmental factors determine variation in vital rates and population dynamics in the population of brown trout Salmo trutta L. of Upper Volaja (Western Slovenia). Alien brown trout were introduced in the stream in the 1920s and the population has been self-sustaining since then. The population of Upper Volaja has been the subject of a monitoring program that started in 2004 and is currently on going. Upper Volaja is also a sink, receiving individuals from a source population living above an impassable waterfall. We estimated the contribution of the source population on the sink population and tested the effects of temperature, population density, and early environment on variation in vital rates and life-history traits among more than 4,000 individually tagged brown trout that have been sampled since 2004. We found that fish migrating from the source population (>30% of population size) help maintain high population densities despite poor recruitment. Neither variation in density nor in temperature explained variation in survival or growth; the best model of survival for individuals older than juveniles included cohort and time effects. Fast growth of older cohorts and higher population densities in 2004-2006 suggest very low densities in early 2000s, probably due to a flood event that caused a strong reduction in population size. Higher population densities, smaller variation in growth and weaker maintenance of size hierarchies with respect to endemic marble trout suggest that exploitative competition for food is at work in brown trout and interference competition for space is operating in marble trout.

Data is here

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