Since early 2013, I decided to publish online the code I used in my studies. First, it is a great way to keep myself alert. Other people are possibly looking at the code, they may find mistakes, bugs, propose more efficient ways to do things. Second, academic research is (largely) paid by the public and the public should have access to the product they have paid for. Third, I am happy whenever I find out that the code I need for my research freely available, and giving back is never wrong; I would like other people to be as happy as I am when I get the code I need. I mostly work in R, since it is free, has a great, very active community of users, a wealth of libraries for the most diverse purposes, as well as nice plot capabilities. You can download my data and code at my figshare space. By the way, figshare is great (but any data and code repo, actually) and you should use it, too. Recently, I have started to upload my code to my GitHub repo