Ongoing projects

This page mostly refers to manuscripts that are submitted or in preparation. The page will be updated regularly. I score the projects from 5 to 1, where 5 means under review and 1 means I barely started working on it.

  • Genetic differentiation among populations of marble trout using Next-Gen sequencing data. 4 (We are in the process of writing the paper)
  • Establishment of a competing species causes the adoption of faster life histories in the native species. 4
  • Pedigree reconstruction in marble trout populations affected by flood events, testing whether there is an acceleration of life histories (faster growth, younger age at reproduction) after the occurrence of a flood. 5
  • SNPs discovery and pedigree reconstruction in marble trout populations. 4 (we have not genotyped the last 2 populations - Svenica and Studenc)
  • Seasonal von Bertalanffy growth function with density as a covariate for k (although the framework is flexible, other covariates or combinations of covariates can be used, temperature for example). 3 (kinda stuck on this one, code is ready, lacking time to wrapping it up) -- still at the same point after one year, probably not worthwhile. Problem is interesting, but of the mental gymnastics kind
  • The evolution of local population dynamics in a highly fragmented environment: genetic and demographic modeling and testing [where barriers impairing or limiting movement are like these ones]. 3 (I have the genetic data needed to carry out the analyses, not really confident anything will show up, not enough years)
  • Estimating the correlated risk of catastrophic flooding using non-parametric Bayesian methods [this is a plot of the Generalized Extreme Value distribution density function relative to stream discharge for 3 stations in the study area]. 2