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I am a mathematical biologist currently working at the Department of Ocean Sciences, University of California Santa Cruz, and at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center, Santa Cruz. Previously, I was funded by a European Union Marie Curie Fellowship for the project "RAPIDEVO" (click for the full proposal), which investigated adaptive and evolutionary responses of natural populations to the intensification, increased frequency, and altered seasonality of climate and weather extremes. At UCSC, I collaborated with Marc Mangel and Carlos Garza's (National Marine Fisheries Service's Molecular Ecology an Genetic Analysis team) lab. Currently, I am collaborating with Will Satterthwaite and Michael Mohr at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center.

Here you can find information on (or link to) my research interests, publications, Google Scholar Citations pageongoing projectsCVresearch statement, data scientist resume, a collection of bests and worsts, slides of some of my talks, some code, some photos of my study systems and conferences, and a blog mainly related to academic and intellectual endeavors. Please contact me if you have any questions.

*I recently (January 2017) updated documents, publications, projects, research statement

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